You can now follow the tutorial to explore and try out the delegation feature.

Introduction to Delegation

Delegating enhances the network by utilizing the verifier node license key (NFT) through delegating their NFT to Nodes-as-a-Service (NaaS) providers. In exchange, Delegators earn $CARV from the reward pool. CARV is forging partnerships with leading NaaS providers, allowing you to delegate your license key for them to manage nodes on your behalf. However, it's possible to choose NaaS providers that underperform, potentially yielding lower returns on investment. Delegators are advised to thoroughly evaluate potential NaaS providers. A reputation index is available to assist delegators in comparing node operators. Additionally, the CARV Governance Council will continue to oversee NaaS providers to ensure quality and reliability.

How are Delegators rewarded?

NaaS Provider Commission Rate (NPCR) is a percentage share of the rewards received by NaaS providers from serving requests to node owners. After deducting the NPCR from total rewards, the remaining rewards will be shared with delegators(node owners). NaaS providers are free to set this rate to any value they desire. A lower NPCR means that the Naas provider shares more of their rewards with their delegators.

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