Carv Protocol

Detailed outline of the Credential-as-a-Service protocol, including Carv ID, identify middlewares, credential APIs and SDKs. Description of Carv Protocal's data sources abd credential generated.
Carv Protocol is a cross-chain, multi-address credential-as-a-service protocol that generates gamer credentials. Data from diverse sources is consolidated, analyzed and interpreted in the form of insightful credentials.

Data Sources

  • Data sources include but not limited to:
    • On-chain Activities - Carv Protocol aggregate on-chain data(assets, trades, staking, breeding, reward claiming, etc.) from multi-wallets across various blockchains.
    • In-game Achievement - Game developers can feed in-game, off-chain stats & achievements to Carv Protocol via simple API calls.
    • Community Engagement - Bots and pipelines will be built to quantify gamers’ contribution to communities, e.g. Discord, Twitter and DAOs, in a fair manner.
    • More...
Our data engineering team will keep adding advanced data pipelines for better chains and games coverage, and will continuously enhance pipelines to improve accuracy and instantaneity of metrics updates.

Credential Generation

  • Carv Credential engine generates various types of credentials:
    • Gaming SBTs
      Corresponding gaming SBT would serve as a way of displaying and verifying that achievement to others. e.g., the badges players get in games upon completing a specific task or make it past a set milestone.
    • Descriptive Statistics
      e.g. Attendance, Age, Activeness, Assets, Diversity of games, Expertise, Profitability, Community Engagement, and more.
    • Comparative Statistics
      e.g. Estimation of a user’s performance among the whole player population, in various dimensions.
    • Unified Scores & Leaderboards
      Grow Carv Scores as users engage more in the platform/achieve more accomplishments. Retention hack & Unlocks social value.
    • Traits & Categorization
      Carv Protocol provides insights of gamers’ interests on different categories of games, which unlocks social & game recommendations.
    • And More...
The data expertise of our team allow us to leverage advanced data mining and machine learning technologies to continuously improve profiling rules. At a later stage, we will build a platform that allows community cooperation on data, content curation, and rewards contributors.
High-Level Diagram of Carv Protocol


  • Carv ID:
    • A Universal gamer identity that consists of multiple on/off-chain accounts across multiple platforms and chains.
    • Gaming credentials/SBTs are consolidated for Carv IDs.
  • Identity middlewares will be available to allow broader usage of Carv ID, e.g. issuing verifiable diplomas, logging into partner games, porting into social platforms, etc.
  • Credential APIs and SDKs will be provided to developers to integrate with and contribute to the protocol.