Introducing CARV

Since the rise of the World Wide Web in the 90s, the mass generation of personal data has reached a point where 90% of the world's personal data has been produced by individuals in just the last two years. Today, each of us generates approximately 146GB of data daily through interactions across an average of 30 applications spanning communication, work, content consumption, eCommerce, and more.

While this data revolution offers convenience and tailored experiences, it also leaves our data predominantly in the hands of a few, with little transparency over the security, usage, or beneficiaries of our data. As industries like gaming and AI continue to evolve rapidly, data doesn't just enhance user experience, data has become the foundation for the entire ecosystem.

Lifetime Membership for Passive Income, Redistributing Value in the AI Revolution

Yet, the creators of this data see little of the resultant financial gain. The pervasive lack of control over personal data not only undermines individual privacy but also prevents people from participating in the value created by their personal data.

Despite the introduction of privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA, and measures like the reduction of cookie tracking, solutions that truly empower users remain scarce. Blockchain technology has offered a glimpse of privacy through decentralization, but it brings its own challenges, including complex user experiences and increased costs for managing dispersed digital assets.

A new paradigm is urgently neededโ€”one where individuals not only retain sovereignty over their personal information but also actively engage in the economic ecosystems built around it. Imagine a world where individuals not only retain sovereignty over their personal information but also actively engage and share the fruitfulness in the economic ecosystems built around it.

CARV is spearheading this revolution by constructing an incentive-aligned infrastructure that reimagines the internet, placing individuals at the core of their digital interactions - the ability to obtain a lifetime membership for passive income, a crucial step towards a sustainable, prosperous, user-owned internet.

Building the Largest Modular Data Layer for Gaming, AI, and โˆž

To realize the aforementioned vision, CARV has built its ecosystem consisting of CARV Protocol, as well as two of its first flagship products CARV Play and CARV AI.

CARV Protocol

CARV Protocol is a modular data layer that facilitates data exchange and value distribution across the gaming and AI sectors. It encompasses end-to-end data flow processes, including data verification, identity authentication, storage, processing, model training, and value distribution. With CARV Protocol, every individual can now own, control, verify, and monetize their data, revolutionizing how data is used and shared, by ensuring privacy, ownership, and control are firmly in the hands of individuals, pioneering a future where data generates value for all.

The modularity of CARV protocol has

  • Enabled 780+ games and AI companies across web2 & web3 such as like Electronic Arts, Netmarble, AliCloud to leverage data as a commodity in ways unique to their business needs, from NPC training, user understanding, to anti-sybil mechanisms.

  • Onboarded 920K+ individuals onto "Lifetime Membership of Passive Income" via CARV ID (ERC7231 standard NFT).

  • Decentralized confidential computation layers of CARV's protocol to ensure privacy-preserving, policy-compliant, redistribution of value creation to data contributors and owners in the millions.

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As the first flagship product building on CARV Protocol, CARV Play is the first cross-platform credentialing system and the largest web3 gaming distribution & social platform for gamers and games alike. With CARV Play, gamers can immerse themselves in games worth exploring, forging one's profile with all your gaming moments in one place, and discovering a rich mix of games and exclusive events with a community of genuine gamers. For games, CARV Play provides a comprehensive suite of tools to reach, grow, and understand gamers, nurturing your community into fans and champions by showcasing the best of your game. To date, CARV Play has

  • Enhanced gaming experience for 2.5M registered gamers across web2 & 3 to share data, build credentials, play games, and receive rewards. With avg. daily UAW of 500K+ in the past quarter, CARV Play is one of the top 3 active ecosystems on chains such as Linea, opBNB, zkSync, Ronin, and more.

  • With $1M+ MRR, CARV Play has integrated and supported 780+ web2 & 3 games and ecosystems such as Illuvium, Off the Grid, Aperion, Pixelmon and more for targeted UA, user understanding, gamer retention management and more.

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Cara is an AI-driven personal agent tailored to help users navigate CARV and the crypto world. It's a personalized gaming assistant on CARV Play & social network plug-ins in Telegram, with seamless integration with web3 wallets, ID integrations, TON-based games, and social networking.

With Cara, one can access the largest gaming knowledge hub at the tip of your fingers, enjoy personalized recommendations for games & communities, check airdrop eligibility, and discover reward-based quests. Elevate your gaming journey with a companion that truly understands you.

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