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Reach passionate gamers worldwide with intuitive onboarding and interactive campaigns built with off-the-shelf modules!

CARV Portal is the game distribution and data analytics tooling for games, helps game partners to acquire, onboard, retain gamers on CARV Play and learn users' insights from the large quantity and high quality first&zero party data.

Game Listing

Listing games on CARV is the first step to unlocking a comprehensive range of features and services provided by CARV. By building dedicated gamezones, developers can get exposure to millions of gamers and start to launch events, missions, rewards to onboard and retain gamers.Learn more: https://carv-official.notion.site/Game-Listing-f03aa8bc342848e19ce5dc200f1a9219


With CARV's event launcher module, game developers can create incentive campaigns to gain exposure to real gamers in both the Web2 and Web3 gaming space. CARV offers highly customizable qualification criteria and rewards tailored to your specific goals.Learn more: https://carv-official.notion.site/Event-Launcher-a8b9664ce751469092e978b3e9724b86

Mission integrations

Missions offer a complete solution for projects seeking to acquire, activate, engage, and retain your community and players. Games can create recurring quests designed to span extended periods. Players earn rewards points as they complete these quests, which can be redeemed for in-game rewards.Learn more: https://carv-official.notion.site/Missions-System-3e05da5f70084af28798164fb9c104a7

SBT membership

Unique, non-transferable digital profile pictures created using AI, each linked to a soulbound token that signifies the owner's permanent and exclusive membership, reinforcing their identity and belonging within the Wolves DAO community.

MOFF integrations

Moff is the Discord bot that empowers game community managers and supercharges the Discord servers. It was a winning project from BNBChain's Zero2Hero Hackathon and will help games grow the community, gain deeper insights into users, and streamline the day-to-day tasks.Learn more: https://moff-bot.notion.site/Moff-Guide-2084f6f6c855436ba0b25fc7b8611779?pvs=4

Data Analytics

Based on the on-chain and off-chain zero & first-party data from over 2.4M users across various platforms, along with user behavior within CARV and CARV-partnered games, CARV offers its partners data analysis capabilities not limited to the following, to help games better understand their users:

  1. Based on user on-chain and off-chain account bindings and data authorizations, generate over 200 user tags, providing games with data query capabilities, targeted advertising, and user attribute analysis based on tags.

  2. Based on user participation in events, provide game projects with post-event data and participant profiles.

  3. Based on user behavior in partnership games (through CARV ID Oauth or CARV API), provide game projects with user behavior data analysis and user profiling.

  4. Based on game’s target user profiles, provide similar target audience group analysis and competitive analysis to partnered games.

  5. Discord growth, engagement, retention, event data, and regional data analysis

  6. Twitter data monitoring and analysis and sentiment analysis (in alpha testing).

After verification, you will be able to list your game, launch campaign, and engage your community through here.

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