Token Utility

Overview of Carv token's ($ARC) utility, as well as value creation of Carv's ecosystem.
The incentive currency of the Carv ecosystem is the $ARC Token, a universal cryptocurrency that can be used seamlessly across borders, allowing game developers, guilds, gaming NFT assets owners, players, and investor to achieve value exchange.

$ARC Token Utilities:

  • Governance of Carv ecosystem via initiating new proposals and voting
  • Commodity
    • Game developers to query credential and launch various kinds of campaigns to accurately target players
    • Players to access advanced use of Carv ID, i.e., seasonal pass, micro-tipping, projecting gaming achievements to more gamer-centric social platforms
  • Potentially more DeFi activities related to token in the future

Carv Value Creation:

  • Advertisement campaigns: Revenue from Web3 games launching various advertising campaigns to accurately target players
  • Game distribution: Revenue from game distribution, i.e., INO, CPS, etc.
  • White-label Carv protocol and product to guilds
  • Yield from players' micro-tippings to SBT-based game reviews
  • Players' seasonal pass to unlock advanced use cases, i.e., customized skins, PFP, achievements projecting to gamer-centric social platforms, etc.
  • Investment yield from Web3 game investment
  • DeFi activities
Overview of Carv's $ARC Token Utility & User Flow