🎯CARV Account

Like your Meta, Instagram, X IDs and ENS Domains, but now you aggregate them and truly own it!

Both in Web2 and Web3 realms, your IDs pertain to user identitification mechanisms. But in Web2, where you've had your most online actvities in the past 40 years or throughout your lifetime, your IDs are:

  • Under Centralized Control with user data and identities are stored on centralized servers

  • Data Ownership with Limited Control by users on how it's used or shared.

  • Privacy and Security Issues with potential single point of failure and potential data breaches.

  • Walled Garden of Siloed Data leading to fragmented digital identities.

On the other side, one of the most interesting aspects of Web3 is the ability to bring an individual’s own identity to different applications. Even more powerful is the fact that individuals truly own their accounts without relying on centralized gatekeepers, disclosing to different apps components necessary for authentication and approved by individuals.

Existing solutions such as ENS, although open, decentralized, and more convenient for Ethereum-based applications, suffer from a lack of data standardization and authentication of identity due to inherent anonymity. Other solutions such as SBTs rely on centralized attestors, cannot prevent data tampering, and do not inscribe data into the ledger itself in a privacy enabling way.

So CARV raised a novel solution, standardize it, ERC 7231: Identity Aggregated NFT and launched CARV ID integrated with this standard, an extention of ERC 721 token. With CARV ID, a multi-chain identity aggregating Web2 and Web3 IDs, empowering users to have a unified identity across the universe with:

  • Credential showcasing: Your ownership, role-behaviors, social relation, and past experiences all can be authorized, verified, and generated into your digital identity and credentials as hard proof to showcase.

  • Integration capabilities: Applications can integrate CARV ID and gain consented access to user data within your products, empowering interoperability.

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