CARV: VERB. cut (a hard material) in order to make important things recorded and lasting; sculpt and shape one's skillset and technique.

CARV Play is an AI-powered gaming Super App built on top of the CARV Protocol, enabling gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences and empowering games with data-driven growth & intelligence.

CARV Play is:

The First Cross-Platform Achievement System

CARV Play ensures gamer data privacy and sovereignty by converting all your gaming achievements into verifiable SBTs (Soul bound Tokens), storing your in-game achievements, memories, and journeys across all games and gaming platforms.

The Largest Web3 Gaming Platform

CARV Play features 600+ top notch and rewarding NFT games with detailed information and game reviews from seasoned gamers alike. CARV Play hosts exclusive partnership events with rewards including USDT, NFTs, and physical items, allowing gamers to play and earn at the same time.

The Most Engaging and Genuine Gaming Community

Join the vibrant CARV community with millions of gamers, connect with gaming influencers, make gaming friends, compete in community game events, and win prizes.

Key Features for Gamers:

Credential-Based Player Profile and Soulbound NFT Badges

  • Cross-Platform Account Binding

Bind your gaming accounts directly from your profile page. For instance, connect your Steam account to verify in-game data and earn exclusive NFTs (Soulbound NFT Badges) forever belonging to you, hard proof of you.

  • Soulbound NFT Badges

Known as Soulbound Tokens, these non-transferable NFTs validate your gaming experiences and traits, forming the foundation of your gaming credentials. As you reach game milestones and engage in game-hosted events, you earn additional Badges, bolstering your credentials and enriching your gaming identity. CARV categorize soulbound NFT badges into Achievement Badges, Event Badges, Membership Badges, and Generative Archive Tokens (GAT).

  • Achievement Badges: Achievement badges signify your in-game accomplishments with no time limit for claiming; you can claim them whenever you meet the specific criteria. CARV also introduces a series of achievement badges, grouped by required behaviors on CARV. You can unlock and upgrade your badges as you progress. Minting a higher-level badge burns the lower-level one, and CARV covers all minting gas fees.

  • Event Badges: Event badges mark your participation in CARV or game project events. Complete all event quests, you can earn an event badge and accompanying rewards.

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  • Membership Badges: These badges indicate your membership in a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) or organization. Eligibility is managed by the organization's manager via whitelisting. Membership badges are revocable and non-transferable. You can choose badge images from the provided stock options, ensuring uniqueness. CARV covers all minting gas fees.

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  • Generative Archive Tokens (GAT): GAT is a unique gaming credential that continually captures and preserves your gaming achievements and cherished memories. It serves as a depot for your hard-earned accolades, creating an immutable record. Here:"Generative" means that GAT is dynamically generated based on your individual in-game data and game accomplishments, adapting and evolving alongside your gaming journey."Archive" represents that it is a permanent record where your gaming achievements and memories are preserved and you retain full ownership."Token" indicates GAT's existence and storage on the blockchain, ensuring its authoritative verification, enduring preservation, and immutability.

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NFT Badge CARV (Mint) and Gas Fee Explained

When CARV (minting) NFT badges in an event on CARV, gas fee is paid to blockchains. CARV provides options for events hosts to choose whether they would cover gas fee for users:

  • Gasless CARV (Mint): Gasless minting means you don't need to pay the gas fee. Instead, it's covered by the event host or CARV, with a 'Gasless' label on the event page.

  • CARV (Mint) with Gas Fee: When minting a badge, you need pay gas fee with your wallet balance. This requires you to sign the transaction with your wallet, e.g., MetaMask.

  • Gasless with Gas Card: Not covered by event host, yet you can still enjoy a gasless experience by using the Gas Card. A gas card is a prepaid asset on CARV Play. Obtain it by:

    • Advancing your CARV Pass to critical levels

    • Participating in raffles or direct purchase in CARV shop with GEMs, in-platform currency

Vibrant Events and Fruitful Rewards

CARV Play, with gaming partners, runs various events on the Event page, including social events, in-game activities, live streams, AMA sessions, beta tests, global cultural festivals, and more, all with exclusive rewards.

Furthermore, CARV hosts themed events, such as collaborations with ecosystems like zkSync, themed events like the Shooting Game Battlefield, and web2 game events including Steam Frenzy Hours. Joining these events and completing quests earns you rewards like GEMs, USDT, NFTs, and more! The GEMs you earn during events can be directly used to redeem various rewards in CARV shop, including physical rewards, gift cards, in-game NFTs, profile frames, etc. In addition to the above, SBT Badges CARVed are your proof of participation, verifiable and interoperable in gaming ecosystem.

  • What's GEM after all?

    GEM serves as a kind of incentive on CARV Play. You can accumulate GEM through various means:

    • Participating in events with GEM prize pools

    • Unlocking mystery boxes in CARV Pass

    • Reaping level-up rewards in CARV Pass

    • Securing a position within the top 300 on the CARV Pass seasonal leaderboard

    • Exploring other opportunities

    GEM is your ticket to redeeming various rewards, including in-game items, cash, $ARC rewards, physical prizes from CARV Shop, and more!

CARV Shop - Where Reward Redemption Happens!

CARV Shop provides diverse real-world and virtual rewards, such as game consoles, computers, gift cards, in-game NFT, profile frames, etc. You can purchase them or join raffles using your GEMs to win these prizes.

Game Discovery by All Means

CARV lists 600+ top notch Web2 and Web3 games, mostly though official partnerships, offering our gamer community exclusive events and rewards. Discovery games might interest you driven by data and authentic reviews (credential-gated, with real players) from gamers alike.

  • Game Details with Game's Mission Board, Analytics and Progression & Portfolio Overview

    • Missions: Various, on-demand in-game or community missions launched by the game, with mission points offered. These missions not only guide you through the game but also bids you onto leaderboard and redeems rewards.

    • Insights: Go-to analysis of the game token performance and social trends.

    • Reviews: Rate the game on gameplay and whether 'bullish' with authentic reviews during or post play.

CARV Pass - Elevate Your Play Experience

CARV Pass marks the pioneering project on the CARV platform, where players can earn GEM and unlock rewards directly. It offers a thrilling journey with critical levels, packed with opportunities, rewards, and surprises. There are four distinct types of quests in CARV Pass each season:

  • Time Limited: Only available for a specified period - race against the clock!

  • Weekly: Enjoy recurring weekly quests, e.g., daily check-ins and say hi to CARV community.

  • Monthly: On a monthly basis. Riding your play, signature activity quests might include writing game reviews on CARV Play or CARV game achievement SBTs.

  • Seasonal: Get into the spirit of the season!

Upon completing quests, EXP will be collected. Level up with EXP, and unlock a host of rewards, including Power, GEMs, mystery boxes, SBTs, Titles, lottery entries, and more!

  • Whatโ€™s Power?

    Power dictates how effectively you can benefit from the GEM prize pool. The higher power, the bigger share of GEM rewards you will get from total prize pool. Base power starts at 1.0, your power can go up to 3.0. Boost your power by:

    • Leveling up your Pass

    • Equipping the Dragon Treasure NFT.Learn more about Dragon Treasure NFT and acquire one on OpenSea! Note that if you own multiple Dragon Treasure NFTs, only the highest-level one will be used for power enhancement.

  • Seasonal Leaderboard

    The leaderboard hinges on your Pass Level and EXP. CARV will take a snapshot of the Top 300 on the leaderboard at the end of each season. A sneak peek at the leaderboard's rewards:

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