What is CARV's AI Agent?

The AI Agent of CARV is called CARA, which is a chatbot we created using the ecosystem of Telegram. You can easily invoke her here https://t.me/carv_cara_bot and have pleasant communications with the smart her. CARA is an AI-driven personal agent tailored to help users navigate the CARV ecosystem and the Crypto world. CARA was born on April 1, 2024 (but this is not an April Fool's Day joke) and is still growing rapidly, with more new functions waiting for you to further unlock and experience!

What is CARA aiming for?

CARA is committed to providing users of CARV and the entire crypto world with a more intelligent and more intent-oriented question-and-answer experience, and in the near future, it can provide users with more personalized and customized data services, recommendation services, and advertising services.

What can CARA do?

Knowledge Hub

CARA is the encyclopedia of CARV and the intelligent assistant in the crypto field. You can ask her all questions about CARV, such as what the CARV Protocol is, which recent activities are the most popular on CARV Play, and how to obtain more SOUL in the SOULDrop; or query the recently popular crypto tokens and their coin prices and market caps, and she can give you the answers you want quickly and accurately.

Intent-Centric Commander

CARA is an intent-oriented AI assistant. Forget all the steps that you needed to operate manually multiple times before, now you can obtain the answers you want through more direct, goal-oriented conversation commands, such as ID binding, game onboarding, etc

Feature On the way Personalized Recommendations

Based on the player's game data, CARV platform data and also web3 data, CARA can recommend you with games, activities, projects, airdrops, etc.

Feature In the future AI-driven Data Value Creation Platform

CARA can do a list of fascinating things in the near future, such as discovering eligibility for airdrops, receiving personalized incentivized ads, receiving reward-based events, etc.

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