Data Storage Layer

Once data is verified and endorsed by identity layer, it will be aggregated and only visible to the end users. Users can have the data encrypted and stored at any place they want. Based on the data availability and cost, different storage options are presented.

Modular data storage - CARV DB

CARV DB constitutes the storage component of the protocol, developed on top of EigenLayer. Utilizing AVS (Actively Validated Services), it not only stores data but also ensures its verification. Data storage is stratified into tiers, balancing between cost and reliability; from the most economical option, offering lesser consensus and persistence, to the more robust solution, which, while costlier, provides greater data reliability and consensus.

Additional information will be made available shortly.

Decentralized Storage

Users have the option to choose decentralized storage solutions based on their preferences. The execution layer currently facilitates integration with Greenfield, with plans to expand support for additional decentralized storage options in the future.

Centralized Storage

Given that data is encrypted, users can also have data stored on centralized storage like AWS S3. Currently, the execution layer also supports fetching data from S3. More centralized storage can be supported in the future. Centralized data storage is much cheaper compared to other solutions. However, availability can't be guaranteed.

Local Storage

With data encryption in place, users can opt for centralized storage solutions, such as AWS S3. The execution layer is already equipped to retrieve data from S3, and it is expected to extend support to more centralized storage services. While centralized storage is more cost-effective than alternative options, it does not guarantee the same level of availability.

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