Verification Layer


Ensuring the CARV protocol operates in a decentralized and privacy-focused manner necessitates community involvement in the verification process. This is achieved through verifier nodes, managed by the community, that oversee the end-to-end data process and verify the TEE attestation result.

Anyone can run the verifier nodes to make sure data is processed and trained in a trusted environment. However, only verifiers holding an NFT license have the authority to reach consensus on TEE attestations and penalize any misbehaving TEE nodes. For more details, please check Verifier Node Explained.

TEE Attestation verification

Once the computation layer has finished the data processing, the TEE attestation will be posted and become accessible on-chain, along with the data processing result. The result will mainly indicate if data has generated the value and the value should be distributed on chain through the execution layer. However, the result will only be valid if the TEE attestation has been verified.


Though currently the verification layer is mainly responsible for verifying the TEE attestation, in the long term it will also be responsible to guarantee the data storage layer persistent data in the expected time period, and also participate in the data on-chain validity process, for example CARV Link.

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