Buyback Program

What is the Up-to-100% Buyback Program?

In order to empower our community to participate confidently in building the foundation of a sustainable, user-owned internet, CARV is pioneering a mechanism: the 'Up-to-100% Buyback Program',

Eligibility: Node license holders who have maintained 70% or higher participation rate, and have not redeemed any veCARV rewards to $CARV (veCARV is a non-transferable token primarily used for protocol governance) will be eligible for the buyback program.

Timeline: From six months post Token Generation Event (TGE), node license holders have 7 days to participate in the Program.

Execution options:

100% buyback with $CARV, value equivalent to the price of nodes denominated in USDT at the time of node purchase. 30-day linear vesting from time of buyback. OR

80% immediate buyback in ETH, value equivalent to the price of nodes snapshot in ETH at time of purchase. Immediate ETH release. To ensure transparency and security, CARV is integrating the 100% buyback program into smart contracts and collaborating with reputable, top-tier third-party auditors.

Funds will be collected in a Ceffu cold wallet address and serve as the security deposit for the ETH buyback.

Arbitrum Address: 0x3014Ab992464E3323D4b53570baDF782aC897a67

10,000,000 $CARV is allocated from treasury to ensure a 100% buyback with a 30-day linear vesting period. Node license holders will keep all airdrops prior to participation in the Program.

Some of the bought-back nodes will be reallocated to existing active node operators to further incentivize their participation. The rest will go to the CARV treasury, with potential uses including sharing node operation rewards with $CARV stakers, or conducting node resale or burning. More information will be announced on this webpage. You can also follow CARV's social media and community to receive notifications.

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