Node Sale

What are the key dates?

Whitelist Node Sale Launch: June 3rd, 2024, at 12 PM UTC (available for 4 days), only for users with Whitelist to purchase.

Public Node Sale Launch: June 5th, 2024, at 12 PM UTC, all users can purchase.

What is the reward for node operators?

CARV is dedicating 25% of the total token supply to node verifiers, with a release model reducing by 25% every 6 months, it is expected that about 50% of tokens will be released in the first year alone. Learn more from:

How many nodes will be available in total?

There will be 100,000 nodes in total

What is the whitelist (WL)?

Whitelist is a pre-approved list of participants who are given exclusive access to certain privileges during a sale event. This system is used to reward and incentivize key contributors, partners, or early supporters of a project.

What is the waitlist?

The waitlist is a raffle pool that users can join. Based on the entries, offering users opportunities to be added to the whitelist(WL). Achieving a ranking on the referral leaderboard can qualify for whitelist eligibility as well as USDT rewards.

Does entering the whitelist guarantee that I can definitely purchase a node?

Please note, being whitelisted does not guarantee a node purchase. It's first come, first served.

How to join the whitelist?

Choose Any One of the Following Methods:

  • Sign Up for the Waitlist: Just visit and register to join our waitlist. This alone makes you eligible to participate in the raffle for a chance to win a whitelist spot.

  • Earn Based on Contribution: If you're an OG member, you can also secure a spot based on your contributions to our community. For more details

  • Participate in Special Events: Keep an eye out for exclusive whitelist opportunities during special events on CARV Play and the SOUL Drop Participating in these events gives you another chance to earn a whitelist spot.

Can I get more whitelist through different methods?

Yes, you can obtain more whitelists through different methods. For example, if you obtained a tier 3 whitelist by participating in CARV Play events, a tier 1 whitelist through the referral leaderboard, and a tier 4 whitelist by meeting the core contributor criteria, then you would ultimately receive three whitelists.

I am an influcencer&KOL. How can I join and collaborate with CARV on node sale?

If you have a substantial following or network, you can secure your whitelist directly by completing our KOL form. This process is designed specifically for influencers and community leaders. Exclusive benefits for KOLs include receiving a unique referral code that enhances your rewards as you help us expand our community

👉 Fill out the KOL form here

Why Run a Node on CARV?

Running a verifier node is crucial to maintaining the integrity and security of the data processing environment. Verifier nodes validate attestations produced by TEE nodes, ensuring the data processing is executed securely and as intended. The presence of a majority of honest verifiers, exceeding 50%, is vital to ensure the accurate verification and recording of attestation results on the blockchain, thus upholding the protocol's reliability and transparency.

What will I receive from participating in the node sale?

You will receive an NFT (ERC-721) which represents your Node License. The NFTs will be minted and transferred by CARV team 3 weeks after the public sale.

How will the node licenses be distributed?

After purchasing a node license, node licenses will be distributed as an NFT to the purchase wallet of the user. Only the wallet with the node license can then operate the node and earn rewards.

What is the payment method for purchasing a node?

You can purchase nodes using wETH on the Arbitrum network.

How do run a node? Is it complicated?

Not at all! Running a node can be quite straightforward and easy, typically involving just a few steps. Please check this step by step tutorial here. We will soon provide a video tutorial to guide you through the process. If you prefer not to manage the node yourself, you can delegate to other node operators with just a single click through our explorer, which will be available shortly.

Will the invitation leaderboard have an anti-sybil mechanism?

Yes. There is an anti-sybil mechanism to protect the rights of users who participate honestly in the event. If an invited account is verified to be a bot or another type of non-authentic user account, that user will face severe penalties.

On the referral leaderboard, if I appear on both the overall leaderboard and the weekly leaderboard, can I receive rewards from both lists?

Yes, for example, if you are ranked 20th on the weekly leaderboard and 50th on the overall leaderboard, you will receive ranking rewards from both leaderboards.

What is the Up-to-100% Buyback Program?

In order to empower our community to participate confidently in building the foundation of a sustainable, user-owned internet, CARV is pioneering a mechanism: the 'Up-to-100% Buyback Program',

For more information about the buyback program see Buyback Program.

More information will be announced on this webpage. You can also follow CARV's social media and community to receive notifications.

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