General Principles:

  • The number of verification reward tokens distributed daily is fixed (it decreases over time, but for any given day, the total reward amount is fixed regardless of the number of verifications. More details pls check here).

  • Nodes that remain online for at least 6 hours per day can claim the daily rewards (the reward is the same whether online for 6 hours or 24 hours).

Reward Distribution Cycle:

  • Rewards are distributed on a daily cycle (UTC 0:00 - 24:00), and this cycle is the minimum settlement unit for rewards. Therefore, within the T+1 cycle, rewards can only be claimed for periods up to and including T.

Daily Online Map:

  • Smart contracts define a "daily online map" where the key is the index of T, and the value is the total number of delegators for online nodes during the T period. Each node also records its own "daily online map" (with the value being the number of its own delegators during the T period).

  • Whenever a verifier goes online/offline or submits a verification, the "daily online map" is checked and updated. If a verifier does not perform any operations on a given day, they must manually submit a heartbeat to update their status.

Claiming Rewards:

  • Nodes can only claim rewards for periods before the current cycle (rewards for the current cycle can be claimed in the next cycle). Smart contracts will calculate the total rewards for the period Taāˆ’TbT_a - T_bā€‹ using the global map VglobalV_{global}ā€‹, the node's own map VselfV_{self}ā€‹, and the daily reward function R(x)R_{(x)}. The formula is: Rewards=āˆ‘aā‰¤xā‰¤bVself(x)āˆ—R(x)Vglobal(x)Rewards = \sum_{\mathclap{a\le x\le b}} \frac{V_{self(x)} * R_{(x)}}{V_{global(x)}}.


  • When an NFT holder redelegates or undelegates, the above formula is used to determine the earnings for that tokenID in the current delegation period, allowing the NFT holder to claim their rewards.

Missed Submissions and Penalties:

  • If a verifier node misses a submission, anyone can report it. The reporter will receive a reward directly from the verifier's existing rewards, ensuring the total daily reward amount remains fixed. Nodes that miss submissions too frequently will be forced offline.

Tee Slash Rewards:

  • Rewards for tee slashes are isolated from verification rewards and follow a fixed reward model. For each valid submission, all verifier nodes associated with that attestation receive a fixed reward, deducted from the tee's staked funds.

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