Trusted Execution Environment (TEE)

  • Tee permissions can only be added by the admin of the service contract.

  • Attestations can only be reported by those with tee permissions who have staked the required minimum amount of CARV.

  • Staked CARV by tees is converted into veCARV and stored in the Vault contract. Subsequent slashing and unstaking funds are in veCARV.

  • Malicious Attestation: If more than half of the verifiers deem an attestation malicious (i.e., Malicious > Valid), anyone can initiate a penalty against the tee for that attestation.

  • Penalty for Tees: When penalized, a portion of the staked veCARV is deducted and allocated to the respective verifier.

  • Excessive Penalties: If a tee is penalized multiple times and the staked funds are insufficient, the tee will be prohibited from reporting further attestations until additional staking is done.

  • Unstaking: Tees can cancel their stake after the lock-in period (7 days since the last attestation report). Upon unstaking, the remaining veCARV Tokens are returned, and the tee can no longer report attestations.

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