Verifier Node

  • Any address holding a CARV NFT License, or delegated by an address holding a CARV NFT License, can become a verifier node.

  • Each node has a delegation weight (initially set to 100, with an upper limit adjustable by the admin). The delegation weight represents the number of delegations to that node.

  • Before a verifier node can publish a verification, it must notify the service contract to go online. The first time each verifier node goes online, it is registered with a uint16 nodeID, with the system capable of registering up to 65,535 nodes.

  • After each attestation is published, Chainlink VRF will select the verification nodes for that round from the currently online nodes. The nodeID list of selected verification nodes will be stored in the service contract. When a verifier submits a verification, the contract will check if it is on the current round's verification node list.

  • To efficiently select a random verification node list from the online nodes, the service contract maintains an active node list (activeVrfNodeList) with a maximum length of 2,000. When the list is full, a new node must replace an existing node with a lower delegation weight.

  • Nodes that are online for at least 6 hours daily are eligible for rewards (refer to the rewards rules section for details). Delegators to these nodes can also receive rewards.

  • If a node fails to submit a verification, anyone can initiate a slashing against it (the slasher will receive a reward). If a node misses too many verifications, it will be forced offline.

  • When submitting verifications, a verifier node can delegate the submission to the CARV backend (this process is gasless, requiring only an EIP-712 signature from the verifier). The CARV backend aggregates multiple verifications and submits them in batches, significantly reducing the system's overall cost.

Gasless mode is optional. You can always submit the tx to the smart contract directly.

  • The commission rate is adjustable by the node operator, with a minimum adjustment period (tentatively set to one week).

  • Nodes can specify an address to receive their rewards.

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