How to Purchase Nodes

Step 1 - Go to and connect your wallet

While purchasing nodes does not require you to KYC, claiming node rewards requires KYC. Therefore, we encourage all users to KYC before participating in the node sale.

Rewards from running nodes will be airdropped to the same wallet used to purchase and cannot be changed.

Step 2 - Get wETH and Arbitrum gas tokens

The CARV Verifier Node Sale will be on the Arbitrum Network. You will need:

  • Wrapped ETH (wETH) to purchase the Verifier Node Licenses

  • ETH for gas fees

How to get wETH:

Option 1 - Purchase wETH on Arbitrum (Uniswap)

  • Purchase wETH directly from any Arbitrum DEX

Option 2 - Bridge ETH to Arbitrum with Arbitrum Bridge

  • For users with existing ETH on other chains, you can opt to bridge to Arbitrum using the Arbitrum Bridge (

  • Be sure to leave sufficient ETH in your wallet for gas

  • Swap ETH to wETH on any Arbitrum DEX

CARV will conduct the verifier node sale on the Arbitrum network using wrapped Ethereum (wETH).

Step 3 - Select available tier and click “Purchase”

Note: All images used are for illustrative purposes only. The actual sale page may differ from the images displayed.

There are a total of 40 tiers available for purchase. Whitelist Sale will launch on June 3, 2024 at 10:00AM UTC and Public Sale on June 5, 2024 at 10:00AM UTC.

Step 4 - Set the amount of node(s)

Start by inputting the number of node(s) that you will be purchasing.

Step 5 - Click "Approve"

Once you are confirmed on your amount of nodes, click the "Approve" button. You are then required to approve the transaction via your wallet.

Step 6 - Input your promo code in you have one

Input promo code if you have one. If you do not have a valid promo code, you can skip this step and process with Step 7.

If you have a promo code to use, click on "Use promo code" and enter your code.

Note that sale discounts from using a promo code will not be automatically applied during purchase. Cash rebates will be airdropped to your purchase wallets upon confirmation your referrer has also purchased a node.

Additionally, if you have already purchased the CARV Verifier Node, you can provide your wallet address as a referral promo code too! This will provide 5% rebate to the person you have shared it with, and 5% cashback if they purchase successfully.

Note that if you did not purchase the CARV Verifier Node, your wallet address will not be a valid promo code and therefore, there will be no cashback/rebate.

Step 7 - Purchase your Verifier Node License

If you used a valid promo code and successfully inputted, continue by clicking "Purchase".

If you did not enter a promo code, you can continue your process after Step 5 by selecting "Purchase".

Step 8 - Confirm your purchase

You will need to confirm the transaction via your wallet.

Step 9 - Success!

After confirming your purchase, you will receive a notification on the top right of the page to inform you on the successful purchase.

If done successfully, you will be able to see this on your page:

For example: User is confirmed with the purchase of 2 node for CARV Verifier Node along with a valid promo code used.

Congratulations, you have now successfully purchased your Verifier Node granting you access to operate a node on CARV!

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