Join Alphanet Verifier Nodes

The CARV test verifier is currently operational on the Arbitrum One network. Those who have purchased a Verifier License can explore and test the verifier nodes before the mainnet launch. There are two ways you can participate: either by delegating or by operating your own node:

  • Delegation: You can delegate your node license to any active nodes listed on the explorer. Delegation is the simplest way to participate, as you don't need to manage the nodes. However, you must ensure the node you delegate to has sufficient uptime; otherwise, you will not receive any rewards. If the node maintains enough uptime, you will receive rewards minus the commission rate set by the node. Delegation can save you the costs associated with operating the node yourself.

  • Operating your own nodes: If you prefer to operate your own node, you will be responsible for maintaining the node's uptime and handling any software upgrades. However, you will also have the opportunity to receive delegations from the community. We offer multiple ways to operate your own node; please see more details for further information.


Participation Options:

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