Delegation Tutorial

Video Tutorial

Quick Start

Before you begin the delegation process, please ensure that you have created a wallet and received a Verifier License NFT. If you do not have one yet, visit this page to complete the necessary prerequisites.

Delegate License

Once you're ready, you can proceed to Here, you can delegate your License in one of the two ways:

  1. Choose a verifier from the list and click 'Delegate' next to the verifier.

  2. If you know the address of the Verifier Node you'd like to delegate to, click 'Delegate My License'.

    Enter the address of the Verifier.

Then confirm the delegate address and sign the transaction in your wallet. Note you need to pay for the gas for this transaction.

Manage Delegation

If you'd like to revoke your delegation or delegate to someone else. You can do so in Manage

Choose Revoke delegation or Delegate to another verifier

Please note the following constraints on the Alphanet:

  1. You can perform each of these operations (delegate, revoke, redelegate) once per 24 hours.

  2. Rewards will be accumulating but will not be claimable yet.

  3. There is no penalty for uptime.

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