Delegation Tutorial

A complete video tutorial for delegation:

If you don't find the video tutorial to be helpful, continue the reading below:

Before you begin the delegation process, please ensure that you have created a wallet and obtained a testnet node license key. If you do not have one yet, visit this page to complete the necessary prerequisites.

Once you have your testnet node license, you can proceed to Here, you can select a verifier from the list to delegate to.

Please note the following constraints on the testnet, which will be lifted once we transition to the mainnet:

  1. All operations, including delegating, undelegating, and redelegating, are gasless.

  2. You can perform each of these operations once per 24 hours.

  3. Each address can claim only one node license key for testing purposes.

  4. If you choose to operate the node yourself, the address operating the node cannot delegate to others.

  5. Rewards are not yet available on the testnet.

  6. There is no penalty for uptime on the testnet.

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