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The CARV community is one of the fundamentals of CARV, with the objective of creating a lively and engaging space for CARVers to socialize, have fun, co-build, govern a gaming hub around the world.

As of October 2023, CARV Twitter and Discord community has grown to a family of 150K+ followers & 120K+ members respectively, with 25% second-week engagement rate.

CARV community has a variety of events exclusively happening in the CARV Discord community, recurring every week:

CARV Dragon Ball Community Bootstrap & Power CARV Pass Seasons

Created to encourage initial bootstrapping and participation in the CARV community. Over a six-month period, the Dragon ball: CARVers Arise Project took place, resulting in a total of 24,835 CARVed Dragon ball and the distribution of 660,697 Dragon ball Fragments. To actively involve gamers, a variety of community events were organized such as casino betting, fan-art meme sharing, game nights, and more. CARV Pass Seasons are continuously ongoing within CARV community.

Game Nights

CARV organizes routinely fun-filled and engaging game night event that brings gamers together for a night of friendly competition and laughter. Gamers can get exclusive access to the game and compete with fellow CARVers playing Web3 and Web2 games

Beta Testing

CARV invites gamers to join beta testing for games in the closed beta test phase and asks them to provide feedback and suggestions for future game development improvement.

Live streaming

Streamers from and outside CARV community live stream trendy Web3 and Web2 games within CARV community.


CARV community constantly invites partners to join CARV community for AMAs to introduce the projects to the community.

Community Townhall

The CARV Core team is hosting bi-weekly community Townhalls to address any questions or concerns raised by community members. These townhalls provide a great opportunity to have direct conversations with the team and receive personalized assistance.

Pop-up Quiz & Polls:

Pop-up quiz about CARV trivia and polls are for CARV team to get a better understanding and to engage CARV community.

Fan-art competition:

Fan-art competitions is a contest where CARV users create and submit their artwork to be used as memes, stickers, and mascots within the CARV community. The winning submissions will be made available for all CARV users.

Gaming-generated content Forum

CARVers constantly published their insights, thoughts, tutorials, and walk-throughs about games they recommended in CARV Discord.

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