Carv Ecosystem

The Carv ecosystem consists of the Carv Protocol, platform, DAO, and the community.

Carv Protocol

Carv Protocol is a cross-chain, multi-address data aggregation protocol that generates users’ gaming credentials. Data from diverse sources is consolidated, analyzed and interpreted in the form of insightful credentials. It has components such as:

  • Carv ID:
    • A Universal gamer identity that consists of multiple on/off-chain accounts across multiple platforms and chains.
    • Gaming credentials/SBTs are consolidated for Carv IDs.
  • Data pipelines and credential rules:
    • Web3 data pipelines: multi-address, multi-chain transactions and smart contract interactions.
    • Web2 data pipelines: In-game stats, web2 gaming footprint, community contribution.
    • Highly Composable credential rules engine. Will be open to community co-curation with incentives.
    • Per game and global Carv score is generated based on dynamic rarity of credentials. It represents the breadth and depth of a gamer's gaming experience. Corresponding ranks and leaderboards are also generated.
  • Identity middlewares will be available to allow broader usage of Carv ID, e.g. issuing verifiable diplomas, logging into partner games, porting into social platforms, etc.
  • Credential APIs and SDKs will be provided to developers to integrate with and contribute to the protocol. is a value exchange platform on top of Carv Protocol that engages the following activities:

  • Credential-based player profile:
    • Claim/upgrade achievement SBTs to build up your gamer identity.
    • Display gamers' credentials. Be recommended with carvers who have similar gaming footprints as you. Follow other carvers and get notified of their latest activities.
    • Gaming assets overview and analytics (distribution, profitability, etc).
  • Credential-based Game Discovery:
    • Explore available SBTs on the achievement paths of the game.
    • Credential-gated review/bounty system to produce the most valuable insights of any game.
    • Up-to-date analytics of social activeness and gaming asset market trends.
    • Follow top players on the carv leaderboard to be notified of their latest post, SBT updates, NFT trades, etc.
    • Follow your interested games to be notified of their latest reviews, SBT claims, versions releases, INOs, etc.
  • NFT Badge Claim: Game developers will be able to launch events for qualified users to claim NFT badges as proof of their achievements. This feature set will allow the developers to reward existing players and attract new high-value users.
  • INO: Games partnered with Carv will be able to launch their INOs on the platform, and Carvers who meet specific qualifications will be able to join a whitelist to gain early access at a lower price.
  • Scholarship: Scholarships will be provided on the platform as part of a free marketplace. The NFT treasury is accessible for all qualified players. Smart contracts and partnered in-game integrations will facilitate the secure earning of assets.
  • Level-Up Perks: Players' engagement on Carv, including assets, in-game contributions, DAO credentials, and participation in the community, are recorded in their Carv IDs. These records will be used to calculate a weighted ranking in Carv ecosystem and are redeemable for NFT badges, trophies, and $ARC tokens.

Carv DAO

DAO is the heart of Carv. The structure is built from the bottom up with decentralized decision-making and a model to facilitate inclusive growth stimulation. The DAO will be structured in multiple layers, so various opinions are considered while simultaneously maintaining efficiency.

Carv Community

Community will have hubs across Discord, Facebook and Telegram where smart bots are built to record the contribution and reputation of users in unbiased manners. Initial Level-Up community programs will be designed to keep the community active and continuously expanding. Meanwhile the programs and rules will be continuously updated upon agreement by the DAO.