Introducing CARV

CARV's mission is to empower users with data self-sovereignty and to share value captured from the utility of data in a consent-based, privacy-preserving mechanism. CARV has built two key ecosystems to bolster this vision:

Current Challenges

Mass generation of personal data began in the 90s along with the rise of World Wide Web. Over the next 30 years, this size and growth rate intensified exponentially, with 90% of the world's personal data being produced in the last two years. Today we generate a whopping 146GB of data per day while interacting with an average of 30 applications related to communication, work, content consumption, eCommerce, and other activities connected to the internet. In exchange for convenience and customized offerings, our data is managed and stored on private servers or by a small number of cloud providers, leaving us with little knowledge of whether data is secure, how it is used, or who benefits from its use. If we follow that Universal Declaration of Human Rights endows us with both sovereignty and privacy, then Generation Z and Alphas, who were born in the internet age, will have these fundamental rights stripped birth.
The lack of user control over their data has resulted in the unconsented siphoning of personal data, systematically depriving individuals of sharing the value creation and monetization driven by personal data utilization. Not only is financial value from data not shared, but over 100 million data breaches exposed the personal data of billions in 2022 alone, causing unwanted intrusions and affecting quality of life.
Although new privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA are put into place to protect user privacy, a more privacy conscious consumer base is not met with solutions that put users in control. Big tech policies allowing users to ask Apps not to track their activities, or the phasing out of cookies on user tracking, fundamentally gave OS players more monopoly power, while also making personal identification more complex, raising costs and decreasing the effectiveness of brands reaching targeted users.
Blockchain promised a path that partially addresses privacy issues with its decentralized and anonymized nature, but along came issues such as complex UX, steep learning curves, and an increase in costs for users to manage their own assets and resources spread across accounts and wallets. Permissionless access to transaction data or anonymity were abused in cases of money laundering or scams. To make matters worse for brands, walled gardens & fragmentation of user identities across web2 & web3 siloes reduces ability for brands to understand, engage, and serve users better.
Users and brands both want a better way forward. A revolution is underway where individuals can be placed at the center and have rights over their data, and CARV is driving this revolution. By building an incentive-aligned infrastructure, we are fundamentally changing the Internet for the better while creating unprecedented value for stakeholders on all sides.


CARV is building an intent-centric self-sovereign identity (SSI) oracle and incentivized data exchange & service protocol, and an AI-powered super app, starting with social, credentialling, and publishing in gaming. CARV creates a user-centric, intent-based value exchange platform for true data self-sovereignty—where users can aggregate, control, and monetize their identity and data, and brands can access high-quality, ethically sourced zero-party data in a privacy-preserving manner.
The Protocol. Utilizing privacy-enabling technologies Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), CARV protocol has laid a robust foundation (the Confidential Computation Layer) for aggregating on/off chain data on a large scale. The protocol's Self-sovereign Identity Layer (CARV Account and CARV ID) enables user to aggregate credentials and build reputation connected to an identity, and to hold, control, and manage data as emerging asset class. The usage of smart contracts, as well as payment system that is borderless and decentralized, ensures a code-based automation of value share.
The Super App is the protocol's flagship application, serving as an early interface to onboard and educate users. CARV Play makes it simple and fun for users to self-proof their ownership, role-behavior, social relationship, or past experiences as credentials or build reputation with consented, zero party data through a slick user experience in a gaming context. Identity Aggregation NFT (ERC 7231) raised by CARV allows users to authorize, verify, aggregate, and own their identities across accounts. With all accounts and personal data aggregated, this provides a starting point for AI-generated representation of the user - a "digital twin". Overall CARV Play raises and reinforces awareness of data self-sovereignty, while providing tangible tools for users to have true self-sovereignty over personal data, experience value exchange turbo-charged with credential-gated, token-based incentive alignment mechanisms.
The Super App is a multi-sided platform, also allowing brands to interact directly with users, which builds trust, transparency, and efficiency in user relationship management. Brands are trying to adapt to shifts in regulations and policies, and projects are trying to navigate attribution and make sense of data in a web2&3 context. CARV Play's toBrand features provide tooling and vertical specific context to facilitate user onboarding, support user understanding, and increase user loyalty. Additional engagement with games are also enabled via content, social, events run by games on CARV Play. Currently, CARV's super app is the traffic entry point has nearly 600 games integrated and 2 million users who share data, build credentials, play games, and receive rewards.
The combined super app and protocol create a platform for individuals to securely aggregate, control, own, and monetize their data, as well as the value exchange infrastructure foundation for more vibrant ecosystem to openly build on top. This represents a few opportunities unlock -
  • Open ecosystem for composable, interoperable, data value exchange, permissioned by data owners (users). Beyond CARV Play, advertisers, ad exchanges, brands, training models, and other data consumers from gigantuous markets, can access high-quality, ethically sourced zero-party data via CARV Protocol.
  • Fertile ground for to offer content personalization and holistic solusions. CARV's super app's status as traffic entry point forms moats in user network, by addressing needs of users and brands in a vertical (gaming), context-specific (game discovery, social, and achievement aggregation), and complex UX (interaction with both web2&3) scenario.