Introducing CARV

A robust gaming identity infrastructure can serve as the backbone for intelligence. For gamers and other gaming participants, data ownership is crucial as it ensures that they have control over their gaming history, preferences, and personal information. This not only empowers individuals but also promotes transparency and accountability among companies .
CARV provides multi-faced value to stakeholders, varying from gamers, games, developers, and ecosystems with our diversifying toolings that are built upon our underlying credential protocol.

What is CARV?

CARV is building a credential and data infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling gamers with data sovereignty and games with intelligence.
With consumer facing gaming hub and studio facing CRM products, CARV enable gamers with seamless credential-based gaming experiences, and empowering games with data-driven growth & intelligence, starting with web3.
The name CARV is derived from the verb "carve", which means to cut or shape something by removing material. The word "carve" has a strong association with craftsmanship, precision, and attention to detail, and so are we.

Problems with the gaming ecosystem today

Since Axie Infinity ushered Play-to-Earn into a new era, hitting a market cap of $10 billion in 2021, it has enabled positive social impact across the globe, attracted investors' attention, and played a pivotal role driving the Web3 game boom. New Web3 games are being unveiled daily with many more in the pipeline. Seeing the popularity of the GameFi model surge, mainstream game studios are embracing NFTs and cryptocurrencies, enabling digital ownership, provenance, and peripheral markets in game and across the games. Many are expected to launch Web3 games in the upcoming months and years.
While there is an exciting future ahead for gaming in web3, the semantic, decentralized and permissionless web, we observe challenges faced by all stakeholders. To start, each game is an individual ecosystem and there's no shared recognition of each player's identity or accomplishments across games.

Our Value Proposition in the Ever-changing Macro

User onboarding is ultimately influenced by content quality, better games and experiences are made possible thanks in large part to the supporting infrastructure. The missing connector in the landscape is a tool that combines the inherent nature of web3 activities with analytics that suit game and on-chain finances.
In order to connect the silos of games, especially in the web3 world, CARV aggregates and analyzes scattered data both on & off-chain and has built a gaming credential protocol with players' and games' authorization, that is the 'CARV Protocol'. The first use case on top of protocol has been onboarding tons of games. It is a platform to discover, download, and create meaningful content for game titles, and in the meantime, prioritize gamers by allowing them to possess absolute ownership of their data and benefit from their devotions and contributions to the game or a larger ecosystem. We provide all of the other capabilities above to create a seamless experience for stakeholders.
  • For players: CARV enables private preserving gamer data sovereignty by helping them to translate their achievements to SBTs (soulbound token). They can review their achievements and footprints in gaming, mint them into SBTs, and unlock SBT-gated benefits across games while keeping their data private. There's also credential-based game-sharing community for more genuine and efficient game discovery. The SBTs showcasing players' most proud gaming memories will be connected via a middleware plug-in to other Web2 or Web3 social spaces, allowing users to socialize with their identity. With hard evidence of their accumulative performance, players will push themselves to build their best 'resume' that they can carry around and get them perks across games, all while maintaining their data privacy. Unified scores, leaderboards, and advanced insights and recommendations are also provided with privacy preservation in mind to enhance the experience.
  • For games and ecosystems: CARV is not only a promising destination for games to reach out to over half a million users (data as of March 2023), but also a hub for community understanding and growth. With our powerful tools, games can gain intelligence into users' gaming and financial engagement patterns. Unprecedented on-chain transaction visibility and private profile-level data enable games to accurately target and reach the right audience, maximizing their impact. Leveraging our event launcher on the CARV Portal, games can launch campaigns and advertisements with ease and precision, ensuring they reach the most valuable users for closed beta tests, open beta tests, and downloads. By targeting the right users, games can build more sustainable communities and promote growth within their user base.
  • For developers and content creators: We are opening permissioned access to the current tools on the CARV Protocol. Web3 developers or gaming content creators who want to leverage what we've been building, we are more than welcome to share our experience and offer more opportunities.
Welcome to the new gaming era, CARVers!
Last modified 5mo ago