Credential-Driven Use Cases

Highlights of potential use cases from Carv gaming credential.
  • Player Profile: is a one-stop place to show a gamer’s cross-chain, multi-wallet information. This includes game assets, earnings, accomplishments, interests, community engagement, event attendance, etc.
    • Users earn badges/SBTs when they hit certain achievements, and unlock further rewards and perks!
    • Global and per-game leaderboards are available for users to check out and follow outstanding gamers.
    • Users can generate a single-image report of their gaming footprint and accomplishments that can be seamlessly shared to all social platforms.
  • Credential-based Game Discovery:
    • Explore available SBTs on the achievement-based growth paths of the game.
    • Credential-gated review/bounty system to produce the most valuable insights of any game.
    • Up-to-date analytics of social activeness and gaming asset market trends.
    • Follow top players on the Carv leaderboard to be notified of their latest post, SBT updates, NFT trades, etc.
    • Follow your interested games to be notified of their latest reviews, SBT claims, versions releases, INOs, etc.
  • Credential-Gated Marketplace:
    • INO: Partner games can host INOs on our platform and set a specific credential level as qualification threshold to join the whitelist pool. This ensures the most quality and active individual players are whitelisted and will help with the sustainability of the game.
    • Scholarship: Guilds can offer scholarships on our platform and set a specific credential level as qualification thresholds for the scholarships. This system will help to select the quality and active players who can maximize the gaming outcome.
  • Accurate Game Distribution and Advertising Campaigns:
    • Game developers can design achievement growth paths and update users’ achievement status via the Carv Protocol APIs, and guide players through exploring and engaging more in their games. They can reward existing players who meet certain qualifications with NFTs or token claims to increase retention.
    • Game developers can launch credential-gated campaigns with the ability to choose verifiably engaged users over speculative users to facilitate the growth of a robust community.
  • Credential-Based Governance:
    • Users gain Carv experience points (Carv XP) by accomplishing various quests such as daily check-ins, linking social media accounts, participating in both INOs and scholarships, as well as helping Carv’s or partnered projects’ growth. There will be all-time and seasonal leaderboards for Carv experience points. Upon accomplishing milestones, SBTs will be issued, which could be redeemable for cross-game benefits, governance, and soul drop of $ARC.