Got questions? See if the FAQs helps you. =)

1. What is Carv?

Carv is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) with the mission to build a user-owned gaming identity that enables achievement display, friends & games discovery, direct monetization, and can be brought anywhere.
Carv is a free-to-all ecosystem consisting of a protocol, a platform for Web3 gaming credential display, and scholarship, INO, a DAO for decentralized decision making, treasury conservation and inclusive growth stimulation, and a community for expansion and hangouts!

2. As a player, what can I do on Carv?

Get started at to try out the platform:
  • Carv Dashboarcd: A unified dashboard fairly reflects a player’s rarity across games. In the dashboard, users are able to see cross-chain Web3 game assets, earnings, accomplishments, community engagement, and much more. Users also earn badges, trophies, or diplomas when hitting certain achievements curated by Carv or game developers, which can unlock even more rewards and perks! The global and per-game leaderboards are available for users to check out and follow other outstanding gamers.
  • NFT Badge Claim: Game developers will be able to launch events for qualified users to claim NFT badges as proof of their achievements. This feature set will allow the developers to reward existing players and attract new high-value users.
  • INO: Games partnered with Carv will be able to launch their INOs on the platform, and Carvers who meet specific qualifications will be able to join a whitelist to gain early access at a lower price.
  • Scholarship: Scholarships will be provided on the platform as part of a free marketplace. The NFT treasury is accessible for all qualified players. Smart contracts and partnered in-game integrations will facilitate the secure earning of assets.
  • Level-Up Perks: Players' engagement on Carv, including assets, in-game contributions, DAO credentials, and participation in the community, are recorded in their Carv IDs. These records will be used to calculate a weighted ranking in Carv ecosystem and are redeemable for NFT badges, trophies, and $ARC tokens.
  • DAO is the heart of Carv. The structure is built from the bottom up with decentralized decision-making and a model to facilitate inclusive growth stimulation. The DAO will be structured in multiple layers, so various opinions are considered while simultaneously maintaining efficiency.
  • Community will have hubs across Discord, Facebook and Telegram where smart bots are built to record the contribution and reputation of users in unbiased manners. Initial Level-Up community programs will be designed to keep the community active and continuously expanding. Meanwhile the programs and rules will be continuously updated upon agreement by the DAO.
  • DID Middleware: A DID (decentralized identity) will give the ownership of data back to the users, and enables them to self sovereign, and get benefits directly from the data. Users will also be able to leverage on-chain reputation for off-chain uses with a proper middleware to be built.

3. As a Web 3 game, what can we do with Carv?

We, as well as our vibrant community of gamers and game asset owners, are in constant search for great games with first-tier playing experience and promising economic developments. By launching your INOs on our platform, either tokens or NFTs, you can set requirements to select your target audience with Web3 gaming credentials. Our selective community members will actively participate in your ecosystems, and become a contributor of your community.
You can also use Carv as a one-stop solution for better user retention & acquisition through Carv Protocol APIs:
  • User retention: Game developers will be able to query in-game user data through an API of 'Carv Protocol' to design growth path and reward them with NFT badges to better retain them.
  • User acquisition: They can also launch campaigns or events with the capability of choosing specific type of users rather than speculative users to participate in activities like INOs, or rewards on-boarding new users, and eventually growing more sustainable communities.

4. As a Guild, what can we do with Carv?

Carv can enable guilds to select scholars based on their past performances in different games with different guilds, which adds accuracy and fairness to the selection process. Moreover, with a hard evidence of their accumulative performance, players will push themselves to build their best 'resume' that they can carry around and getting them perks across games. In the meantime, guilds maximize their profits.

5. Will Carv have a token?

Yes! Learn more about $ARC token in the token section.

6. Where can I learn more about Carv?


7. What is DID & Credential?

As part of someone’s “decentralized identity”, a portion of a person’s online activity would then be “on chain”, meaning that it would be public and easily searchable via their individual crypto wallet.
With such decentralized identity — a readable history unique to each person — one’s crypto wallet would function as a sort of profile. But unlike web2 profiles, decentralized identities are backed by hard evidence: a permanent, timestamped record of a person’s accomplishments, contributions, interests, and activities to date.
The ideal scenario when decentralized identity were widely adopted, users would be able to carry their full selves with them as they traverse cyberspace: their affinities and experiences reflected by what they’ve created, contributed to, earned, and owned online, no matter the specific platform.