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Where does the name CARV come from?

The name "CARV" is inspired from the verb "carve", which means to cut (a hard material, normally wood or stone) to make important things recorded and lasting. Also, it means sculpting one's skillset and technique to always pursue higher and #buidl more.

What is a credential?

In the web3 gaming world, a credential typically refers to a piece of digital information that represents a player's or user's identity, ownership of in-game assets, achievements, or other relevant information within a blockchain-based game.

What is a smart contract?

In the web3 gaming world, a smart contract refers to a self-executing, programmable contract that runs on a blockchain. These smart contracts are used to automate and enforce various aspects of gameplay, asset ownership, and interactions within blockchain-based gamesใ€‚

What are Soulbound badges?

Soulbound badges are unique and non-transferable tokens that serve as verifiable credentials, exclusively tied to your gaming experiences and traits. They form the fundamental basis of your gaming identity and can not be transferred to others.

What are all CARV badges for?

They are vital in your credential building in the new era of decentralized identity. Briefly, all badges are SBTs (soulbound tokens) on the CARV platform. CARV badges can not be transferred to others, but only between bound wallets of the sole personal account and are uniquely linked to your ID. CARV badges can be permanently recorded and displayed as a testament to your ownership and gaming achievements. If youโ€™d like to learn more about the mechanism and potential of CARV badges, you may refer to [the 1st volume of CARV Academy].

Do I need to mint every badge?

Badges are usually vessels of certain credentials. The perks of the badge only belong to the owner, for which you can opt-in to mint the ones that interest you. You do not have to mint every single one of them.

Why gas fees are required when minting the badge?

Gas fees are required when minting tokens on a blockchain to cover the cost of network resources, deter spam, and prioritize transactions. They compensate miners for executing smart contracts and processing transactions. The fee amount depends on factors like blockchain type, contract complexity, and network congestion, ensuring timely processing of transactions.

What is the relationship between CARV Protocol and CARV Play?

CARV Play is the gateway to the CARV ecosystem, serving as both a portal to the CARV protocol and its inaugural use case, connecting gamers and brands.

What is the relationship between CARV ID and CARV Account?

An ID is used for user, device, or entity identification, while an account is a digital entity that manages resources and settings. CARV ID is a unique identifier enriched with metadata, and CARV Account is the associated system for asset management and permission configuration.

What are Generative Archive Tokens?

GAT (Generative Archive Token) is a unique gaming credential that continually captures and preserves your gaming achievements and cherished memories. It serves as a depot for your hard-earned accolades, creating an immutable record. Here: "Generative" means that GAT is dynamically generated based on your individual in-game data and game accomplishments, adapting and evolving alongside your gaming journey. "Archive" represents that it is a permanent record where your gaming achievements and memories are preserved and you retain full ownership. "Token" indicates GAT's existence and storage on the blockchain, ensuring its authoritative verification, enduring preservation, and immutability.

What is the next step for GAT?

GAT has now seamlessly integrated the top 300 most popular games on the Steam platform. As we continue to evolve, our mission is to expand our reach to encompass a diverse array of games across various platforms, allowing you to capture and cherish your gaming achievements and memories like never before.

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