A quick reference for CARV ecosystem

  1. CARV: CARV is building both an intent-centric self-soverign identity (SSI) oracle & incentivized data exchange protocol, and an AI-powered super app, starting with credentialing & social in gaming.

  2. CARV Protocol: CARV Protocol is a self-sovereign identity (SSI) oracle and incentivized data-sharing protocol. It empowers users to share value captured from data sharing in a consented, privacy-preserving manner. For more information, refer to CARV Protocol section.

  3. CARV ID: CARV ID is a composable, intraoperable, user-consented aggregation of web2 and web3 identities (ERC 7231: Identity Aggregated NFT). This allows users to participate in events, games, and content creation. This standard extends ERC-721 by binding individualsโ€™ Web2 and Web3 identities to non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and soulbound tokens (SBTs).

  4. CARV Account: CARV Account emerges as a pioneering solution in the Web3 space, crafted to deliver a seamless and secure onboarding experience across multi-chain platforms. By leveraging the ERC-4337 Account Abstraction, it not only simplifies user interactions with various blockchain networks but also ensures that users and developers experience a gasless, efficient, and intuitive Web3 journey.

  5. CARV Play: CARV Play is an AI-powered Super App for gaming. It is your gateway to the gaming world. Available on both web and mobile platforms, it serves as a value exchange platform built on the CARV Protocol.

  • Discovery: The "Discovery" page of CARV Play is your one-stop hub for popular games, like-minded gamers, ongoing events, and more. [Web Link]

  • Games: The "Games" page of CARV Play features a comprehensive list of over 600 games, providing detailed information about each. [Web Link]

    • Reviews: You can provide game reviews by assigning ratings and sharing comments along with images.

    • Mission board: Each game has a tailored mission board where you can complete in-game and community missions, enhancing your onboarding and immersion into the game.

    • Mission points: Upon successfully completing a mission, you can earn a specific number of mission points.

  • Events: The "Events" page contains all kinds of activities hosted by CARV and other games, including AMA sessions, game nights, festivals, and more. [Web Link]

    • Mega: A Mega usually consists of a series of events that are all parts of a gaming campaign.

    • CARV: CARV here is used as a verb, which shares the same meaning as "mint", referring to creating a non-fungible and unique token on a blockchain.

    • Quest: On the 'Events' page, quests represent tasks or conditions needed to earn a badge.

    • Proof of Work: Proof of work (POW)is a kind of event quest requiring text or image submissions to demonstrate quest completion.

    • Gas: In the web3 context, gas is the fee required to perform transactions or execute smart contracts. On CARV, it's the fee required when you are CARVing badges.

    • Gasless: Gasless means you're exempt from paying the gas fee when CARVing badges, as it is covered either by CARV or the event host.

    • Gas Card: A gas card is a prepaid asset on CARV Play that you can use to CARV badges without concerns about gas fees.

  • CARV Pass: Each CARV Pass season typically spans three months, during which you can participate in various quests to earn all kinds of rewards. []

    • Quest: CARV Pass quests encompass weekly, monthly, seasonal, and time-limited tasks.

    • EXP: Completing quests earns you EXP, which advances your Pass as it accumulates.

    • Power: Power dictates how effectively you can benefit from the GEM prize pool. The higher your power, the larger your share of GEM rewards from each prize pool in each Pass Season.

    • Mystery Box: When reaching specific levels in CARV Pass, you will be rewarded with Mystery Boxes containing surprises like GEMs, avatar frames, gas cards, and so on.

  • CARV Shop: CARV Shop provides diverse real-world and virtual rewards, such as game consoles, computers, gift cards, in-game NFT, profile frames, etc. You can purchase them or join raffles to win. [Web Link]

    • Raffle: You can use GEMs to enter raffles for a chance to win rewards.

  • Profile: The profile page of CARV Play displays all your gaming credentials, seamlessly integrating both on-chain and off-chain data into a unified identity. [Web Link]

    • Daily CXP: CXP stands for CARV EXP. Log in daily to claim your daily CXP.

    • CARV Score: CARV score is determined by the rarity of achievement badges you earn in games: the rarer the badge (with fewer people minting it), the higher your score.

    • $ARC: CARV's native network token, for more information refer to the Tokenomics section.

    • In-Game NFT: You can gain In-Game NFT by playing games.

  • Badge: Briefly, all badges on CARV are now SBTs, which can be earned by playing games and participating in events to showcase your gaming credentials and characteristics.

    • SBT: SBT is Soulbound tokens. It is bound to you and can not be transferred to others.

  • GAT: Short for Generative Archive Token, GAT is a unique gaming credential that continually captures and preserves your gaming achievements and memories. It serves as a depot for your hard-earned accolades, creating an immutable record.

  • GEM: GEM serves as an in-game currency on CARV Play. Earn them through events and CARV Pass and you can purchase items or enter raffles at CARV Shop.

  1. CARV Portal: CARV Portal game / project currently listed on CARV to access Game listing, home page modification, run event campaigns, analyze events, understand attribution, and users.

  2. Guardian Program: The CARV Guardian Program is a community-driven, long-term initiative aimed at recruiting members to co-build CARV ecosystem. It is also a platform for universal proof of contribution and influence credentialing. For more information, refer to Guardian Program section.

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