Participants in the DAO will be owning parts of Carv. Decision making power will be weighted based on a participant’s ownership of the overall DAO. The ownership of the DAO is based on their $ARC token ownership and reputation system.
The Carv XP ( Carv experience points) is designed under a convex dividend rate (shown as below) to redeem $ARC, a disproportionately larger share of each dividend accrues to users with larger numbers of Carv XP. That is, the increase in token redemption going from 1 point to 2 points is higher than the increase in going from 0 to 1. A convex rate rewards users who have been engaged in the system for a long time, providing more incentive to maintain status.
Any $ARC token owners with an experience level of 6 or above can send proposals and vote through our platform.
The Carv DAO's objectives include the following:
  • Stimulate continuous expansion of Carv community
  • Provide soft floor price to $ARC token price
  • Carv treasury conservation Decentralize decision-making and further decentralize voting power
  • Provide support and initiatives to subDAOs and subDAO tokens, and further decentralize subDAO
  • Backstop shortfalls within subDAOs
Carv DAO will be using Snapshot, an off-chain gas-less multi-governance tool with easy to verify and hard to contest results, to create proposals and vote. It provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote and supports various voting types to cater to the needs of organizations.
Many well-known DeFi and DAO projects have successfully run their DAO proposals and votes there.
Our DAO will be structured in multiple layers so variety and efficiency are also considered. On the next page, subDAO will be introduced.