SubDAOs are established to host specific functions and activities, such as Venture DAO, Event DAO, specific Web3 game scholarship, etc. Assets in the subDAO are acquired, temporarily stored and managed by the $ARC treasury through a multi-signature (multisig) hardware wallet to ensure security.
Later, subDAO token can be issued and offered to the community. The subDAO token holders are able to send proposals and vote concerning the specific subDAO mechanics. The intention is to incentivize the community to put the assets under treasury management to have a voice in decisions. Through smart contracts, the community would be able to put their assets to work. This will allow subDAO token holders in the community to enjoy the upside of the assets and yields generated from their productive game play.
In essence, the subDAOs objectives generally include the following:
  • Stimulate continuous expansion of subDAO community
  • Conserve and maximize subDAO assets value and earnings
  • Grow top-tier NFT collections in subDAO
  • Tokenize specific subDAO to further decentralized voting powers
  • Develop ambassadors and leaders to interact with other subDAO, and the main DAO to achieve further support and growth
The following page will continue to explain the vaults that representing token reward programs for specific activities for $ARC token activities.