Hackathons play a pivotal role in fostering ecosystem development, and CARV has been at the forefront of expanding our ecosystem. We've not only been one of the first to support non-EVM public chains like Solana, NEAR but have also actively engaged in hackathon collaborations with our partners.

Among these collaborations, the BNB Chain Zero2Hero Hackathon and Game Jam have been standout endeavors. During the BNB Chain Game Jam, CARV joined the robust BNB Chain gaming dev community for a deep dive into social games. In the Zero2Hero Hackathon, CARV took a prominent role as the sole bounty provider and judge for the NFT, Gamify, and Metaverse Track.

Our commitment extends to reviewing submissions from both community developers and other projects that align with the categories of AI-powered gaming, on-chain credentials, analytics, and more. By doing so, we aim to foster innovation, inspire creativity, and pave the way for groundbreaking developments in the realm of gaming and beyond. Specifically, the Gamify track witnessed an impressive turnout with over 40 valid submissions and 4 winners sharing Over $25K rewards.In this regard, we would like to share an article from NewsBTC covering our participation in the hackathon. [Read more]

As CARV Protocol rolls out alpha and beta tests, we are recruiting participants along the way! To learn more about how to engage here.

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